Meeting on the Work of Our Committees

Karen C announces:

Dear Friends,

The first Sunday in July, July 2 instead of holding our regularly scheduled Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business the Meeting clerk (Karen Cormier) and the clerk of Ministry and Counsel (Emma Churchman) will be facilitating a discussion with a concern for the health and wellness of our committees.  All SVFM members and attenders are invited to attend.  Clerks and/or conveners of each committee are especially encouraged to attend as they will be asked what they think their particular committee needs in order to function best.  If the clerk or convener of a committee is unavailable July 2 please send a representative.

Prior to July 2 please e-mail (, call (828-515-0530) or otherwise let Karen know who your committee representative will be.

Please also note that there will be NO First Day School on June 18, due to activities associated with Yearly Meeting.

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