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From Beth Keiser:

Peace and Social Concerns Committee invites you to next Sunday’s (May 14) Forum at our Meetinghouse, Correcting and Renewing the Record of the Removal: Locating the ‘Trail of Tears’” led by Ken Casebeer.

Two Cherokee educators, Freeman Owle from the Eastern band and Laura Donaldson from the Western band, led the first weekend program Common Light Meetingplace offered in October 2004 on what has become the property of Swannanoa Valley Friends Meetinghouse.  They shared stories about the native inhabitants of the land we now call ours on the confluence of Flat Creek and the North Fork of the Swannanoa River.  Thirteen years later, our attention was again drawn to the Cherokee presence in our Meeting’s history as Navajo educator Mark Charles began the recent “Struggling with Racism” workshop expressing apology and gratitude to each of the tribes on whose land we were gathering here.

P&SC planned this May 14 forum on Cherokee history, envisioning it as a timely way to pay attention to important matters concerning race that are too often missing from the stories of our country’s settling by Europeans.  Even when the Trail of Tears is referenced, it is generally “white-washed” by ignoring the Cherokee nation’s multiple appeals to Christian faith and to “The Law” which they had embraced. We are grateful for Ken Casebeer’s passionate entanglement with this history, both as a pilgrim and a scholar. He will share photos from his recent travels on the Trail of Tears in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas. He will track key legislation and court rulings that enabled the government’s removal of the Cherokees as well as those that might have prevented it.  Looking into these foundations of racism in U.S. history may draw us to lament the past and its continuing effects and to sharpen our hunger for more liberty, more justice, for ALL. We hope so.

Beth also announces the final film about oppression in another part of the world:

“I am really excited to let you know about the last film in ‘Stories of Struggle, Conscience and Spirit: A Film Festival on Israel/Palestine.’

“‘The Occupation of the American Mind,’ showing on Thursday May 18,also at 7 pm, examines how public relations efforts shape U.S. media coverage and perception about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  The movie is especially powerful and relevant because of the recent cascade of “False News” and manipulation currently affecting our mass media.  Discussion after the film will open with panelists commenting briefly from their different perspectives and then be followed by observations and questions from the audience.

“The film is co-sponsored by UNC-Asheville Political Science Department, PAJET (Palestinian and Jewish Egalitarian Team), and JPIP (Just Peace for Israel/Palestine).  They will be shown in Room 102 at OLLI’s Reuter Center, 1 Campus View Road, on the UNC Asheville campus.   Film showing is free; donations are gratefully accepted. Olive oil and Jerusalem Blend coffee and dvd of  ‘Jerusalem: The East Side Story’ will be available for $15 donation toward the work of JPIP.

“Please help us spread the word.  Sharing this invitation with  your friends would be much appreciated.”




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