Rise of Meeting, April 30, 2017


Among the announcements following worship on April 30, we noted the following.

  • Maggie O’Neill reminded Friends of the upcoming spiritual dance session on May 9, at the Meetinghouse from 7 to 9 PM; the theme will be the “Maypole,” following an ancient tradition of Beltane, a major festival in the Celtic Wheel honoring the emergence of new life in the spring; donations welcome, for the benefit of Planned Parenthood;
  • Maggie also reminded us that the Friends General Conference annual gathering, that will be held in Niagara Falls, NY, from July 2 to July 8, is now open for registration; please go to Gathering link for registration details; she will be leading a workshop at that venue;
  • Beth provided information on the continuing film series in Asheville covering the theme of “Stories of Struggle, Conscience, and Spirit;”  upcoming offerings are: Disturbing the Peace, on May 11 at 7PM, and The Occupation of the American Mind, on May 18 at 7PM; both screenings will be shown at the Reuter Center of UNCA; see the flyer here for more information;
  • Dolph relayed a request from Friend Avis Wanda McClinton, to hold her and her supporters in the Light as they silently protest treatment of African-Americans at a Friends Meeting in Pennsylvania; Avis published her story in the Friends Journal, at this site;
  • Karen reminded Friends of the annual yard (and house) sale this coming Saturday, May 6; more volunteers are needed on Friday, May 5, for receipt and set up of sale items;
  • Karen also announced that next Sunday, May 6, a Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business will be convened shortly after the morning worship hour; please send her requests for agenda items soon;
  • Evie is laboring over updates to the Meeting’s directory, and is calling for recent attenders and those who have changed contact info to send her your data, if you wish.

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