Rise of Meeting Announcements, April 16, 2017

Friends reminded us of a few upcoming events:

  • Paul Hultberg thanked those who have signed up for the Mark Charles presentation and seminar (click link for more info), on enduring doctrines of ethnic oppression, this coming Friday evening  and all-day Saturday, April 21 and 22; there is still room for the Saturday workshop session, but please notify Paul soon for space and meal planning;  the Friday evening presentation, 7 to 9 at Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church, is open to all
  • Susan Murty announced that Hunter Flournoy will be leading a forum next Sunday, April 23, on worship-sharing process;
  • side garden, meeting
  • Karen Proulx reminds us that the Great Friends Yard Sale will reprise on Saturday, May 6, with a full day of sale set-up on Friday the fifth; you may bring used and functional sale items on that Friday, but no clothing or televisions are accepted, while books are always a big hit.
  • Bob Welsh informed us that the Advance Program and Registration Form (CLICK link) is now available for the June 15-18, 2017, Yearly Meeting at Warren Wilson College campus.  The theme of this year’s sessions is Lifting Up Racial Justice; join scores of other Quakers for an hour, a day, or all three days in worshipful fellowship.

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3 Responses to Rise of Meeting Announcements, April 16, 2017

  1. weaverwill7 says:

    Dolph, I visited the Friends meeting last SUnday. Unfortunately I left a blue sweater. I went to the meeting–closed. The sign out front gave the following number 828-699-0832–defunct. I had another number 828-299-4889–defunct. So I tried the following: swannanoavalley@sayma.org–It came back undeliverable. I remembered being on the list, with you sending. So I went to that.

    With Love & Light, Bill Webster 828-974-1567 Sent from my iPad



  2. Dolph says:

    Please also note that there are active contact numbers listed on the Contact and the Welcome pages of this website.


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