Quakers on Race, and Doctrine of Discovery

Upcoming Forum:  The second-hour Forum on Sunday, February 12, following Meeting for Worship, will center on a discussion of Friends’ efforts to confront racism and its many effects on the Religious Society of Friends.  We’ll talk about some relevant history and some current, important developments within our Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting.  We will seek unity on a query regarding our Meeting’s efforts to address racism in our midst.

Education:  Friend Evie will be sharing two film showings, at the Meetinghouse, as preparation for the workshop on the Doctrine of Discovery planned for April 21 and 22.

First, on Friday evening, February 24, a reprise of the film “Doctrine of Discovery” will be offered.  Then, on Friday evening, March 24, Evie will share a DVD film on Indian boarding schools, entitled “Our Spirits Do Not Speak English.”  The BIA-sponsored boarding schools ripped native American children from their homes and native culture and language from their minds.

For questions about these events, please contact ehultberg@charter.net


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