Rise of Meeting, January 15, 2017

Presence in Midst



The following are some of the announcements of general interest arising after Meeting for Worship on First Day January 15:

  • It is time to reorganize and form anew our beloved Spiritual Friendship Circles, also called “Care Circles.”  This occurs about every two years, as the Spirit moves us.  As our Handbook declares, “Spiritual Friendship Circles for all interested members and attenders of SVFM are reorganized periodically (usually every other year) to enable groups of about eight people to meet together at intervals and times of day or evening at their own choosing.  Circles are both social (an opportunity for members and attenders of SVFM to get to know each other better) and spiritual.”  Please consider whether you are prepared to either continue or begin participating in a new Circle.  The Ministry and Counsel Committee coordinates formation of these Circles.
  • Evie and Paul Hultberg remind us of the upcoming Adult Forum on European settlers’ encounters with Native Americans, under the centuries-old “Doctrine of Discovery“.  This will take place following Meeting for Worship on January 22.  There will be an extended workshop on this topic in April.
  • David LaMotte shared his creation and display of a large banner that pronounced “You are our neighbors,” regardless of politics, skin color, sexual preference, or religious faith, to celebrate the importance of a love-based community bridging rancorous divides.  He posted this item on his Facebook page.
  • Bob Welsh celebrated the spiritual impact on the life of our Meeting of the mid-week (Wednesdays) worship; a number of members and attenders gather for that time of deep silence at the Meetinghouse either in addition to or instead of First-Day worship.
  • Sheela Repoley reminded us that applications are now sought for the next cohort of young adults to work with Quaker Voluntary Service.  Share the word with your friends and relatives, as the deadline for these is March 10, 2017, for the work year beginning in August.  Volunteers “work full-time in professional positions at community based organizations addressing a wide range of issues, while living in a cooperative house and worshiping with, and being mentored by, local Quakers.”  Living costs and a small stipend are provided for the period of work.  Apply online at the QVS website.





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