Standing Rock DAPL Protest Support

Friend Ken Casebeer reports about the Meeting’s donations to the continued Native American stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline:

“we donated eight sleeping bags, and blankets, gloves, boots and seven large garbage/utility bags of winter clothing for all sizes of children.  Families will be tenting at the protest site throughout the winter without heat or facilities. Our donations are being convoyed to North Dakota at the end of October by Tahnee’s Kids, a children’s welfare organization under the auspices of the Eastern Band Cherokee Indians. Many Thanks for your help and generosity.”

At Rise of Worship Meeting, October 30, Friends expressed solidarity with the ongoing confrontation in North Dakota.  Concern was expressed for the violent responses from local law enforcement, and from national-guard armed forces, to the largely peaceful “#NoDAPL”, or “water-protector”, demonstrations; this carries echoes of the long tragic history of the U.S. Army’s role in oppressing Native American people.

Demonstrations in sympathy with those in North Dakota have been held in downtown Asheville, partly aimed at the TD Bank offices there.  An affiliate of TD Bank is participating in the multi-billion dollar financing of the pipeline construction.


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