Local Support of DAPL Protesters


Friend Ken Casebeer informs us that he will help to collect winter clothing and camp/sleep gear for the protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline, or DAPL.  The protest has been led by the Lakota Sioux tribe, and supported by other Native Americans as well as people of all ethnic backgrounds; they call their effort “#NoDAPL”.  Find that meme on Twitter.

Locally, the winter wear drive is being sponsored by the Tahnee’s Kids Fund, a charitable foundation under the management of the Eastern Band Cherokees (EBCI).  According to one spokesperson, “We are looking for gently used: coats, hats, scarves, gloves, thermals, sleeping bags, boots, winter socks for the children but also work gloves, adult coats, boots, thermals, hats, scarves, etc.”  The protesters are camped near the DAPL construction site, that runs near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation;  it is getting cold there already. Sub-zero rated items are best.

The convoy from the EBCI will carry donated items to the North Dakota site in late October.  Accordingly, Ken Casebeer will be collecting items donated at the Swannanoa Valley Meetinghouse on the next two weekends, October 9 and 23, for delivery to representatives of Tahnee’s Kids.  Contact Ken at casebeer@law.miami.edu for more information about this effort and how you can assist.

Follow this link for recent events at the protest site.

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