Meetinghouse and Grounds Workday

O Frabjous Day!  Calooh!  Callay!

Friends will gather to celebrate our sacred grounds with a workday on Saturday morning, October 22.  As EvieHultberg announced, it is set aside for  “dealing with the things that we need to do for the Building and Grounds prior to Winter.”

If you are lucky enough to be present, you may:

  • pull vines and weeds, pick up stray limbs, or trim some trees and bushes;
  • plant colorful flowers for fall and winter, or dress up the paths in the Memory Garden
  • clean the Meetinghouse inside and out, as needed (do windows?)
  • dance around our graceful trees or sing to the Jabberwock.

Come and join us to celebrate the blessings of the harvest season.

stream, path

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