Parking for Meetinghouse

Suggested parking arrangements for gatherings for worship and other events at the Friends Meetinghouse in Black Mountain have changed.  Due to the for-sale status of the neighboring structure formerly housing a Montessori School, alternatives are suggested.  In order of priority,

  1. First, fill up the parking lot immediately adjacent to our Meetinghouse;
  2. Second, the Christian Friends of Korea (CFK)** have generously allowed us to use their parking lot (not on the grassy area), located across the road at 129 Center Avenue (they normally do not have an activity during our First Day meetings);
  3. Last, park on the lot on the side of the old Montessori structure, farthest from our Meetinghouse, not on the front where you may block the view of, and access to, that building, which is for sale.

Thank you for your consideration.

** For more information on the CFK, you may visit their FB page at:

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