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The most recent online issue of QEW’s Befriending Creation (BFC) highlighted the work of the Quaker Institute for the Future (QIF) summer research seminar.  While the location varies each year, the purpose is always to encourage spirit-led research using Quaker methods of discernment and reflection. Daily activities include silent worship, group discussion, solo research time and a convivial atmosphere of shared effort.  This year’s session, in July at Regis University in Denver, covered such “simple” topics as:

  • climate change and collapse,
  • contemporary response to Friends’ Indian boarding schools,
  • eco-spirituality and the Doctrine of Discovery,
  • growing a life-centered economy,
  • SPICES from the environmental perspective,
  • nuclear power and security, and
  • an ethical use of artificial intelligence.

If you feel called, consider attending the June 2017 QIF seminar in New York City, which will be held in collaboration with Union Seminary. Watch the QIF website for details, at:  QIF will also be co-sponsoring a conference called “Visioning and Creating a Moral Economy” with Pendle Hill, December 1-4. Registration is available via Pendle Hill, at

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