Beautiful, Blessed Canine Friends Available

Carlyle and Jessica are offering two beautiful huskies (see photos below) for adoption. Carlyle’s dad, Claude Stewart, was an Episcopal priest in WNC and he died suddenly a few months ago. We are looking for a loving home for his two wonderful huskies, since the brother who has been caring for them is no longer able to, and Carlyle is very allergic to dogs.

Adama is an 8 year old un-neutered male Siberian Husky. He weighs about 60 lbs and he is the alpha. He is fairly well trained and was Carlyle’s father’s close companion for most of his (Adama’s) life.

Neeko is a three-and-a-half-year-old neutered male Alaskan Husky. He weighs about 53 pounds and has striking light blue eyes. Like Adama, he is house trained.

They are closely bonded to each other. They have also lived with other dogs without a problem. They are very affectionate with one another and very sweet and loving with people.

To the best of our knowledge, neither dog has ever bitten a human. Neeko, as one friend put it “sings the song of his people,” meaning he barks and talks, but not all the time. Both dogs are quiet and calm in their crates at night. Neeko killed a baby goat (when he was a puppy and got into the goat pen) and he chases cats that are not part of his household.

Adama is not neutered, but we are happy to get him fixed. The vet reports that they are both healthy and up to date on all their shots.

Both dogs are beautiful majestic creatures with delightful personalities and were much adored by Carlyle’s late father and the two people who have cared for them since.

We deeply appreciate any help in finding these beloved dogs their new people. Feel free to refer this post to loving friends and relatives.  Please write with any questions, to

DSCN0901   DSCN0893DSCN0900

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