Upcoming First-Day Forum Schedule

quaker meeting


The following is the most current list of upcoming Forums, as curated by Susan Murty and associates on the Adult Education and Spiritual Nurture Committee (Nancy and Hunter).   The schedule is regularly adjusted so check back, please.

DAY                               TOPIC                                       FACILITATOR

September 4                   MWWAB*                                 Meeting Clerks

September 11                  Quakers & Indians                   Hunter

September 18                    Open

September 25             Find Your Voice**                       Melissa

October 2                          MWWAB                                Meeting Clerks

October 9                    Hispanic Outreach                    Murty & Glass

October 16                  Update, SVCM                            Cheryl Wilson

Nov 11-13                           Retreat                                  Adult Ed Committee

December 4                      MWWAB                                Meeting Clerks

THERE ARE NO OTHER FORUMS SCHEDULED FOR THE BALANCE OF 2016; if you would like to schedule a Forum, please contact Susan Murty to discuss

*MWWAB = Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business


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