Choose Theme for SVFM Retreat

If you have had a chance to review the alternatives for the theme for the retreat and would like to weigh in on your preference, feel free to let me know now.  I have heard back from some people and it might be helpful to know what other friends are thinking before the discussion at the next meeting for business.  See an outline of the suggested choices, below.

Susan, Adult Education and Spiritual Nurture Committee

Retreat Planning

Melissa has reserved space at Warren Wilson for our retreat the second weekend in November, Friday evening and all day Saturday.

Please consider the three possible themes for the retreat listed below. We will discuss them and choose the theme for the retreat at the Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business in June.  Note that members of the Meeting community will develop presentations, discussions and activities for the retreat related to the chosen theme.  We are not inviting outside speakers to our retreat.  This retreat will be an opportunity for us to know each other more deeply as we relate to the theme.

  1. Listening Spirituality. Use ideas from the table of contents of Listening Spirituality: Personal and communal practice by Loring. We would ask members of the meeting community to offer to do presentations related to this topic. Some practices are individual and others communal.  For more information about Loring’s two volume book, Listening Spirituality, (available in the Meeting Library): Amazon: Or Pendle Hill (FGC):   and
  1. Unravelling Racism, the theme for the Yearly Meeting this summer. We would like to include other “isms.” Again we would ask for people to do presentations related to the theme.  For information about the theme for SAYMA Yearly Meeting this year, Unraveling Racism, visit
  1. Tales of the Quaker Spiritual Journey : Sharing spiritual stories;  everybody could tell a story from their life about who they are, what they have learned.  Melissa uses an approach of telling a story about what you learned in life. Hunter suggested using the stages or elements of the spiritual journey based on Marcelle Martin’s workshops at Pendle Hill and at FGC.     For more information about Marcelle Martin’s ideas about the ten elements of the Quaker Spiritual journey, visit:

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3 Responses to Choose Theme for SVFM Retreat

  1. Robyn says:

    I’m interested in sharing tales of the journey. The more visible the committee is to each other the better


  2. forrestwife says:

    I did


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