ROM Announcements, May 15, 2016

Saturday the 14th we held a work day, and it was a great success, with many participants.  We are grateful for the help of two Latino families, guests of our Friends who lead an English language class in Black Mountain.

A Meeting member will have a complete knee replacement Friday at 2:45. She asks that we hold her and the medical staff in the Light.

David LaMotte will travel to Ireland; Mason asks us to hold him in Light.

Janice and Mahan celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary.

A dear Meeting Friend was on vacation three weeks ago when he received notice that his Mother has passed. He asks that we hold him and his family in the Light. He and his partner will soon celebrate their 30th anniversary. They will soon travel to a conference they attend annually.

Next forum will be focusing on our beliefs and attitudes about money.

There are pots of raspberries on the porch and Lisa Rose has some at her house if you’d like to come and get them.

Karen Proulx has a new dog—a chihuahua named Razzle Dazzle.

(These announcement notes were taken by Friend Keldwyn;  please note that this website will honor the policy of personal privacy regarding some health and family issues.)

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