ROM Announcements for April 17, 2016

Please hold Suchi and Beth as they will be at Pendle Hill next weekend for a workshop on Israel and Palestine. It is sponsored by AFSC and is an outgrowth of Tony Bing’s life of peacemaking in this troubled area.

The Adult Forum next week is another installment of our examination of Quakerism and sexuality:  It is entitled “A Quaker Approach to Sexuality & the Sacred“, and will be facilitated by Dan Snyder.

There are programs for Yearly Meeting on the table in the foyer. The topic is “Unravelling  Racism.”  It is the 2nd weekend in June. The cost including meals is about $100 for 4 days. If money is a concern, there is a scholarship fund. Apply to M and C for financial aid.  Bob assures us that your request will be granted!

Marilyn will be posting updates on recycling including hard to recycle items and medication disposal. (Meds should never be put down the sink, toilet or in the trash.)

Also, several big old televisions were donated to the garage sale and NONE of them sold. The charge for recycling these is $25 and at the hard to recycle event, there will be a special price of $10 charged per television.  It would be very helpful to Meeting if those who donated these items would be able to contribute this charge so we can recycle them. We were unable to donate them anywhere after the sale.

Sandra Smith will be giving an Enneagram workshop at St James Episcopal Church in Black Mountain, on the weekend of Apr 29, 30.  Enneagrams are a model of personality types.

After meeting, Katrina Stoll mentioned that she will have a room for rent soon…$400 including utilities. Call her at 775-3113 if you are interested.

Janice was very saddened when she read a letter from Alan Kelly-Hamm about the political situation in NC that is included in the latest Mountain Express. Please read it and if you feel led to hold Miles Frieden and Alan in the Light, and/or write to them, do that as well. They will certainly appreciate our support.

Here is the letter, headlined NC Sanctions, Discrimination, and Hate:

“I have watched from afar as the train wreck House Bill 2 is unleashed upon the North Carolina public. As a long-time resident of Black Mountain now living on the coast of Maine, I cannot help ut feel saddened and deeply troubled as once again the Republican ruling parties unleash their bigoted venom upon the state I once called home.

I am a gay man, and I was forced to leave North Carolina three years ago as my marriage to my partner of 35 years was not recognized by the state of North Carolina. We still own a home in Black Mountain and had hoped that one ay when civility prevailed that we might return to the place where we had 10 good years.

We did not make this decision to leave lightly. We have a strong faith community and large circle of dear friends in WNC. but because of who we are and who the small minds that govern us determined us to be, we were stripped of the rights that all other citizens of North Carolina enjoy and take for granted.

The newest abomination of law, HB 2—which strips gay men/lesbians and transgender beings of any protection from discrimination—is an incitement to violence against the LGBT community. I no longer harbor any hope of being able to return to the place that once felt like home.

I have been judged to be unfit and unworthy of the same rights, values and protections afforded the vast majority of the citizens of North Carolina. My life has been sacrificed to election-year politics

Gay lives to not matter in the state of North Carolina. This law shows how deeply callus and hateful the Republican legislature and Gov. (Pat) McCrory are. A state that sanctions discrimination and hat is not a place that I wish to call home

—Alan Kelly-Hamm

Sandy Point, Maine/Black Mountain

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