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The following are a series of Meeting announcements that are chronological in descending order.  You may search for a specific announcement, by date or category, in the Search box in the right border area on any page; search categories are found in the right column of the Welcome page.  All posts will consist of information of general interest to all members and attenders of Swannanoa Valley Friends Meeting, such as upcoming events in the Meeting or community.  Many of the posts will be entitled “ROM”, for Rise of Meeting announcements; matters of a personal, private nature will be limited.

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2 Responses to Announcements Blog

  1. Karen says:

    Might we want to consider posting only ‘Announcements’ on the blog and instead of trying to de-personalize ‘Joys and Concerns’ because of privacy issues end each blog with a blanket statement such as ‘Please hold in the Light those members of our community who struggle and those who celebrate so they know we are with them always’ or to something to that effect. How do ya’ll feel about that?


    • Dolph says:

      I agree in general with your suggestion, subject to a wee bit of further word-smithing. I plan to insert such language in lieu of personal info on future ROM announcements.


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