ROM Announcements of 7 February 2016


Michael is back from his Quaker Peru trip and all went well.

Women (and brave men?) who want to gather for dinner together will meet Tuesday at 6:15 at Pomodoros in East asheville for dinner.

Next Sunday’s First Day School for teens will feature James perspective on Genesis…at Chifforobe.

Financial statements are in a box next to the donation box. Please pick them up to save on postage.

Nest’ week’s forum will be by Marvin on “pivotal life choices” We may learn to know each other better and become more grateful for our lives and for one another.

Fred Morgan is the co ordinator person for Spiritual Friendship groups (care circles) New people or others who are interested please contact him and he can help you find a group.

Mel recommended Pendle Hill Pamphlet #435 (2015):
You Are My Witnesses: Witness and Testimony in the Biblical and Quaker Traditions
By Thomas Gates

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