ROM Announcements, January 17, 2016

Susan has successfully moved into Highland Farms. Her weavings from decades ago were moved from Meeting House. We appreciated her beauty and how they have enriched the lives of others who view them and wear them! If you want to help her unpack, she is open to this assistance.

Hazel had her last day of high School last week

If you would like to contribute to refreshments For the Memorial of Brett White on 2-6 at 2 pm call Stephanie

The forum next week is with Elizabeth deSa and will be Compassion, Consciousness and Communication, based on the Non Violent Communication (NVC) principles

The Spring schedule for forums is posted in the foyer.

The ad hoc committee is discerning use of funds that were bequeathed to Meeting.If you have suggestions, leadings, ideas, dreams, opinions etc (!!) please send them to Dan or another member of the committee. They want the suggestions to be threshed some in committee before bringing them to either the Feb or March Meeting for Business.

The forum led today by David LaMotte was very well attended and was immensely creative, hopeful, insightful and full of information, great stories and inspiration.

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